STL Medical Supply is now Nextra Health!

Our name change to Nextra Health reflects our MCO focus

Our new name reflects how our organization has evolved since we started 40 years ago. From high-quality medical supplies delivered with exceptional customer service to member engagement and quality improvement programs, our company’s evolution as a health services organization has been responsive to the needs of managed care organizations.

Our organization is unique in that we focus on partnering directly with MCOs. Rather than requiring your organization to conform to our processes, we focus on integrating with your processes. In fact, our intense focus on MCOs has helped us develop tailored approaches for the challenges your members and your staff deal with every day. In other words, we are here thanks to you!

Nextra Health helps MCOs improve health and wellness through improved member engagement

Our engagement solutions developed out of the need to stay connected with our patients and your members. We understand the pressure in the managed care industry to attract, retain, and connect with members in order to drive positive health behaviors and improve health outcomes. That’s why we are expanding our engagement solution offerings, including quality improvement programs, gift programs to attract and retain members, and more. All our engagement solutions are designed to help you achieve your member engagement and health outcomes goals.

Same family business, same high-quality products and services

We are the same family-owned business that’s been here for 40 years, with the same management team focused on creating solutions for your challenges, and the same friendly customer service staff answering your calls. We want you to know that MCOs will not see any change in processes and your members and staff will continue to receive high-quality products and services without interruption.

Taking care forward

What’s next for MCOs? That’s our focus as we work to anticipate and innovate for our MCO partners, your members, and our patients in this rapidly changing healthcare landscape. As you take care of your members, we will take care of you and move forward together into the future.