Population Health Management (PHM) is critical to every health care organization.

By now, you have defined your population, identified your care gaps and are measuring outcomes. And you’ve realized that you’re trying to hit a moving target.

Nextra Health’s Health+Care Reward Programs helps you keep up with the constant changes of your population and provides you with up-to-date and on-going engagement with your members through multiple modalities of communication.

In a recent case study, we identified that
70% of phone numbers on file with a health plan were incorrect
and through our program, we were able to provide
up-to-date contact information.

Our unique Health+Care Reward Programs provide your organization with real time PHM data.

  • Member database
    – Up-to-date phone numbers
    – Address verification
    – On-going member contact
  • Live feedback
    – which area of your population is participating
    – which area of your population is not participating