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JUZO is one brand of compression therapy garments with particularly useful, simple features. Stockings are specialty items, one that most folks don’t know about until they’re prescribed a pair by a physician.

JUZO has a daunting number of colors and options, the core competitive benefits of JUZO’s stockings are clear:

1) All JUZO compression stockings can be machine washed and dried. Simply place them in a lingerie bag to wash and dry on low-heat.

2) All JUZO products are latex free – JUZO is the perfect option for those with latex allergies and sensitivities. Every JUZO stocking is designed with Elastin-Lycra wrapped in Polyamid-FiberSoft for a durable stocking without the risks of latex.

3) Resistance to sun, ointments, lotions, and perspiration – With conditions like lymphedema, daily skin care and moisturizing is critical. The latex-free materials mean a strong resistance to sunlight, heat, sweat, and any lotions or ointments you’re wearing.

4) FiberSoft adds durability – Adding FiberSoft to compression garments is a unique process that JUZO takes, wrapping a softer more protective thread around the Lycra materials. This makes the stocking more durable and more comfortable to wear and adds to its ability to resist breakdown.

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