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This Fall, Sigvaris releases a new line of stylish Support Hosiery for women. Known as “jewel”, this brand new line of knee-highs are for the business-savvy and fashion conscious woman.

Support hosiery provides instant relief for those who stand or walk all day; being prone to tired, achy legs or at a higher risk for blood clots and varicose veins.

But graduated compression socks can be functional and stylish – and Sigvaris’s new line of knee-high hosiery provides both. With an elegant diamond pattern in dark navy, mocha, and black, these stockings are perfect for the active businesswoman, teacher, and mother with an eye for style.

Compression garments are clinically proven to help with tired, aching legs, and help prevent issues with varicose veins or blood clots later in life. They’ve been found to support good circulation and health for the frequent travelers (prevention of blood clots and DVT from the little-known “economy class syndrome”) and with expectant mothers (which can increase the likelihood of varicose veins).

Released just in time for the Fall school season for busy school teachers, the Jewel series Sigvaris compression stockings provide a comfortable and safe 15-20mmHg compression and an ultra-soft wear with double-covered yarns.