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A 40-year-old Chinese woman showed up at the hospital with a painfully swollen left leg. She was given an Ultrasound which shows she had Deep Vein Thrombosis, a very dangerous blood clot deep in her leg.

The only physical attribute she had for DVT was the use of birth control, but even then it’s not that common. But then the doctors discovered she was sitting for over 8 hours focusing on a game of mah-jongg, a popular tile game played in China, while sitting near motionless and only drinking soft drinks.

Ultimately, this lead to a similar condition as “economy-class syndrome” that often causes DVT among frequent travelers – sitting in a cramped position for a long period of time, suffering from dehydration and lack of movement. Tack on some extra stress during an intense game of mah-jongg and you’ve got a recipe for DVT.

What did doctors call it? It’s the first case of “Mah-Jongg Related Deep Vein Thrombosis”.

She was treated with compression stockings and blood thinners will recover in full.