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Sigvaris has been growing in partnerships to spread the word about their hottest new product, the Athletic Recovery Sock.

Athletic Recovery socks are without a doubt the athlete’s product of 2010; I’ve written on the Athletic Recovery Sock before. but here’s an update on the latest two unique partnerships and endorsements:

One Mile Runner David O’Meara – Sigvaris has partnered with David, a well known coach, speaker, book writer and athlete.

David isn’t new to compression therapy socks; in fact he’s been wearing them for a couple years now.  He’s a fan of Sigvaris’s newest sock, which shortens recovery after workouts.

David will also be wearing Sigvaris exclusively during his summer event, “Around the World in Less than 30 Minutes”.

Golf’s Brittany Lincicome – Sigvaris and Brittany have teamed up to bring Athletic Recovery Socks to both professional and recreational golfers.

Brittany became a professional golfer at the age of 19 and has won her first championship in 2006.  She won the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2009 and continues to play.

Like others, Brittany was impressed with how compression socks can actually improve athletic performance, helping your legs feel energized and lighter.

94% of golfers surveyed in a trial of Sigvaris during an 18-hole golf round said they would recommend Sigvaris Athletic Recovery socks to their friends and other golfers.