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SIGVARIS, a global leader in compression therapy stockings, has been widening the marketing scope of its compression stockings throughout 2010. Some major focal points in their business has been in the athletics market (they have promoted two styles of athletic compression stockings this year) and with new lines of fashionable business hosiery, socks, and stockings for professional women.

Now, Sigvaris has developed a new product specifically for pregnancy, another segment of the female population which has an elevated risk for the development of varicose veins. Pregnancy results in varicose veins among 30 percent for first-time mothers nad 55 percent of mothers who have gone through full-term pregnancy.

Like DVT and other venous diseases affecting the legs, many women have never heard of compression therapy and are unaware of the elevated risk of forming varicose vein formation during pregnany. Varicose veins often develop during pregnancy due to an increase in blood volume and an increase in pressure and changes in hormone levels. (This same effect is often why many women experience swelling and pain in their legs during pregnancy.)

Compression stockings help the legs by providing external force that helps keep the blood moving upward, effectively preventing it to pool in the veins of the leg.   To learn more about pregnancy and compression therapy, you can visit Sigvaris’ newest website: <a href=””></a>.  And to purchase, visit our site sponsor, Nextra Health to find many styles and colors of <a href=”//”>women’s maternity stockings</a> at great prices.