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Starting in the 2010 season, the Falcons have matched the Indianapolis Colts in their support of the Athletic Recovery sock, designed to improve athletic recovery through graduated compression therapy to keep the muscles free of lactic acid buildup and improve circulation in post-training and post-game time.

It’s common for athletes of all kinds to have achy, swollen legs after hard training, hard games, and the wear on the legs from constant travel to events in other cities.

Graduated compression can be used as an effective post-game device that decreases the recovery time and keeps the legs healthy.  The athletic recovery sock also features technology to keep the feet dry and odor-free.  This partnership is also a little different for Sigvaris, it hits right at home – they are local to Peachtree City, home of the Falcons.

Are you training, playing, or competing? Many athletes from all walks of life are giving graduated compression therapy a try to treat swollen, achy, or recovering calves and ankles. Try athletic recovery socks for yourself.