Bard Statlock® Foley Stabilization Device for Silicone and Latex Catheters

    Bard Statlock® Foley Stabilization Device for Silicone and Latex Catheters

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    • Highly Rated Best Seller
    • Reduces Movement and Dislodgement
    • Fits Most 18-26 Fr. Catheters
    • Addresses CDC Guidelines

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    Product Info

    The StatLock® Foley Stabilizer sets new worldwide standard for Foley catheter stabilization. Featuring the StatLock® Device's proprietary swivel base and push-button retainer. The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device is designed to fit most 18-26 Fr. Silicone catheters.

    This model features the Tricot Anchor Pad

    Addresses CDC's guideline for securing Foley catheters.

    Designed to:Maximizes patient comfort by:

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    Bard Statlock Foley Stabilization Device for Silicone and Latex Catheters
    Ronald Mackey
    Verified Buyer
    The most reliable Foley securing device because you never have to worry about it moving once attached to your leg.
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    Convenient Catheter Tube Holder
    Grandma Debbie
    Verified Buyer
    This catheter tube holder is very convenient and easy to use. The fastener quickly snaps open and closed, readily available. Arrived before estimated shipping date.
    Was this helpful?
    Bard Stabilization Device
    Verified Buyer
    Yes TX
    All great, no negatives
    Was this helpful?
    This product has been a godsend.
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Roswell, Georgia
    To prevent foley catheter from accidently being pulled out.
    Was this helpful?
    "Unbelievably Fantastic"
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Waukegan, IL
    This product "sticks" better than any I have tried!
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Expensive, but worth it
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Strongsville, OH
    This catheter anchor stays in place for a couple of months and does not irritate the skin underneath the adhesive. It holds firmly, and the swivel clamp allows the tubing to move easily without putting any stress on the catheter itself. It affords peace of mind, in that we don't have to be worrying about whether the catheter is being inadvertently pulled when moving the patient.
    Was this helpful?
    RN rating
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Asheville, NC
    I am a critical care RN with 40 years experience and my mother is a resident in a skilled nursing facility. I am familiar with a wide variety of catheter stabilization devices and the Bard Statlock is by far the best of these products in my opinion. The adhesive is strong, long-lasting and I have noted no instances of skin irritation. This feature alone warrants the cost. The unique swivel base prevents any tension on the catheter during repositioning of patients. Gone are the days of painful bladder spasms and premature catheter displacement due to undue tension. I purchased a supply of the Statlock devices to aid in the care of my mother's long-term indwelling cather. The more common, less expensive, and highly problematic leg bands are a thing of the past for her. I cannot recommend the product more highly!
    Was this helpful?
    Amazing product!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Colorado Springs, CO
    I had this device when I came home with the SP cath and didn't want to give it up for ANY of the alternatives offered by my home health care nurse. SO glad STL offers it! Since our friends at Medicare won't cover it, Hubby and I agree--we'll go without a meal before I go without this product. ;-D
    3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
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    Better than the others!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Tri-Cities WA
    This is by far the best product we have found for long term catheter use. It is durable, waterproof, does not create stress (for those who are concerned with autonomic disrefelxia - quadriplegics) or leave potential pressure sore areas. I would highly recommend this product.
    Was this helpful?
    Works well for foley stabilizatoin
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Florence, OR
    To avoid twisting of catheter back on itself and cutting off flow while sleeping, use a compression bandage such as Coach or Nexcare. Make it a relatively loose loop around leg below this device. This prevents catheter twisting on itself and also tugging which can be uncomfortable when waking up. Apply device higher up and more toward inside of leg than you think because it will be tugged down during use.
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    4.9 10
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