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Osbon ErecAid® - Super Soft Ring

    Osbon ErecAid® - Super Soft Ring

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    • Nextra Health is a Timm Medical Authorized Distributor
    • Extra Soft Design with Less Pressure
    • Designed for One-Time Use
    • Can be Worn with A Condom
    • No Ring Loader Needed - Apply by Hand

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    Product Info

    Designed for one-time use, the Supersoft Disposable ring in the ultimate in convenience, and can be used easily with a condom. The soft design and feel makes it perfect for men who find the standard rings too tight or rigid, and for those who need less force to maintain an erection.

    Not for use with Osbon Ring Loader. Must be loaded by hand.

    Due to the hygienic nature of this product and the manufacturer's strict no return policy, we cannot accept returns or issue a credit for any Erecaid product once it has been delivered to you.

    Osbon Erecaid Instructions
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