Male Plastic Urinal w/ Lid

Male Plastic Urinal w/ Lid
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    • Code: MZDYND80235
    • Brand: Medegen
    • Product Number(s): MZDYND80235
    • HCPCS (?): E0325

    Light-weight washable plastic male urinal with lid.
    • Translucent material permits measuring ease and visualization of contents.
    • Snap tight lid prevents messes and odors.
    • Graduated in 25cc and 1 Oz increments and holds up to 1000cc.

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    Yes St. Louis, MO
    sturdy and well constructed.
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    Priced Logically
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    Yes San Fracisco, CA
    It is made of recycled plastic, sturdy and well, with a tight fitting lid. Its design is as described, with a wider base for peace of mind when putting it back down. A local (national chain) drugstore (practically a monopoly in the San Francisco Bay Area) was selling one pictured as this one in their ad, but was actually of a different style, less stable, and it costs only only 10 times more, [$]How is it possible to buy a two-litter bottle of Coke, with the largest budget for advertising in the world, in a large bottle of sparkling brand-new plastic specially designed to withstand the pressure of the carbonated drink for a 1/4th. of that price?[...]
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    Good prices[...]
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    Yes allentown,pa.
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