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Osbon Erecaid vs Other Forms of ED Treatment

The Erecaid system is extremely easy to use. You (and perhaps your partner) can watch the video and read the instructions below for advice on using your Osbon Erecaid vacuum pump and tension ring system.

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Watch the Instructional Video

Click one below to go directly to its instructions:

  • Assemble the System
  • Load the tension ring
  • Create an erection
  • Maintain an erection
  • Remove the tension ring

Start a Practice Session

First, let's practice creating an erection. (During the practice sessions, you will create an erection, but without using the tension rings to sustain the erection.) Regular practice sessions will improve your erections, making them firmer more quickly and with less pressure.

To start your practice session, attach the pump into the cylinder, like so:

If you need to make the cylinder more narrow, simply place the insert into the end of the cylinder.

The Osbon Erecaid device comes in both Automatic and Manual. The automatic version will have a Power button and a release valve; the manual version has a lever and release valve:

Apply the Osbon lubricant across the rim of the cylinder, the top 2 inches inside of the cylinder, and the penis. (You may choose to trim pubic hair to make the seal as air-tight as possible. If you have trouble getting a good seal, consider using SurErec EZ Tension Rings.

Ensure the pump is facing upward (the Osbon logo should be facing you) and place the cylinder around the lubricated penis and firmly against the base of your body.

If you are using the Automatic Osbon Erecaid pump, push the power button. If you are using the Manual pump system, create a vacuum by pulling the lever repeatedly. Push the button for 5 seconds or pull the lever 2-5 times. Wait 5-10 seconds to allow the blood to flow into the penis. (If you are feeling any discomfort during use, push the release button and relieve some pressure.

Restart the process more gradually to prevent further discomfort.)

For best results, pump slowly. Pump for 5 seconds, then release the pump for 5-10 seconds. The same procedure is used for the manual model.

Repeat this process until a full erection is achieved. A full erection will usually lift from the base of the cylinder when the base is complete.

When you get an erection, push the release button and remove the cylinder.

Using Osbon Erecaid for Intercourse

Now that you're familiar with the system and how it's used, here is how to use the system for intercourse. The process is almost the same, but this time a tension ring will be used to maintain the erection. Tension rings come in a number of sizes to suit your personal anatomy, so choose the size that is right for you. The correct ring will fit comfortably but apply enough pressure to maintain the erection. The Beige rings are Standard Tension, and the Pink rings are High Tension.

Loading a tension ring onto the cylinder is the first step to the process. It's easy with the optional Tension Ring applicator system. Here's how to do it:

Start by removing the pump from the cylinder. Now, remove the insert and stand the cylinder upright on a surface with the pump end facing downward.

While you can stretch to load the rings onto the end of the cylinder directly, it is far easier, reliable and less likely to snap the ring by using the Easy Ring Applicator device. First, push the botton to release and open the ring applicator device. Now, apply the device onto the end of the cylinder and give it a twist until the white dot on the top of the applicator, the guideline, and the oval grove on the cylinder all line up together. (The oval groove is opposite the Osbon Erecaid logo)

Cover the entire loading applicator with lubricant. Now, place the tension ring onto the cone by aligning the U-Notch on the tension ring with the white dot on the top of the applicator cone.

With the tension ring in place, grab the cap and place it back onto the cone, aligning it with the slots on the top of the loading cone. Then, press firmly downwards on the cap, causing the Osbon Erecaid ring to slide downward and into place on the cylinder.

With the ring loaded in place, remove the Applicator and re-attach to the pump on the other end of the cylinder. A correctly loaded ring will have the U-Notch in place at the bottom of the pump with the Erecaid logo facing on the adjacent end.

With the Erecaid ring loaded and the pump ready, it's time to lubricate the inside and rim of the cylinder, as well as your genitals.

Applying The Erecaid Ring

Now, just like the practice session, lubricate the inside and rim of the cylinder as well as your penis with the pump button facing upward (or the lever facing down). The U-notch of the ring should be directly underneath the base of the penis. Hold it firmly against the body and hold the pump button for several seconds, or pump the lever 4-5 times if you are using the Manual system.

If you feel discomfort, press the vacuum release button.

Once a full erection is achieved, carefully slide the tension ring down from the cylinder and around the base of the erection. (Keep the cylinder against your body to maintain the vacuum seal.)

Now, with the ring in place, press the green vacuum release button and remove the cylinder.

The tension ring will maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes. Don't use it for longer than 30 minutes, and allow at least 60 minutes between uses.

Removing the Erecaid Ring

Removing the ring is simple. After sexual activity, put a small amont of lubricant across the base of the penis in front of the tension ring.

Pull gently on the Removal Grips on either side of the tension ring to release the blood from the penis. Within 10-20 seconds, the erection will lose some of its firmness. Now, slowly pull the ring forward down from the base of the penis. (If necessary, use extra lubricant for removal.)

When finished, be sure to wash the cylinder, loader, and Erecaid tension ring with soapy water. This will keep it in good shape for the next use.


  1. Remember when applying vacuum pressure to hold the device firmly against the body.
  2. Be aware of any air leaks; they will cause you to lose pressure and the erection.
  3. Use plenty of lubricant, which makes use more comfortable and helps prevent air leaks.
  4. Do not try to rush; the best results and most comfort are achieved by pumping, and then allowing the blood to flow.
  5. Use the proper size of tension ring. If you lose firmness after applying the ring, you may need to increase the tension or use a smaller size.
  6. Don't leave the Erecaid ring on for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

SurErec EZ Tension Rings - Instructions for Use

The SurErec Tension Ring has a unique and patented design which allows it to easily fit directly onto the end of the cylinder like a lid. This creates a firm seal with the cylinder and with the penis tissue which facilitates the vacuum process. This design also ensures that the scrotal tissue is not drawn into the cylinder when pumping.

These advantages give many patients a comfortable tension ring fit and more tension to assist in maintaining penis rigidity. Once an erection has been created, the ring is slipped off the end of the cylinder and remains at the base of the erect penis minimizing the ring transfer process. EZ Tension Rings are intended for use with Osbon Esteem and Classic cylinders and Vacuum Therapy Systems.

Step-by-Step: Using the SurErec Tension Ring

Step 1 - Remove the gray insert from the end of the cylinder provided with your Vacuum Therapy System and place the SurErec ring on the end of the cylinder like a cap or a lid.
Note: DO NOT USE the Ring Loader with SurErec Tension Rings

Step 2 - Apply lubricant to the surface around the center of the SurErec ring opening as well as to the entire head of the penis.

Step 3 - Place the head of the penis against the opening of the SurErec ring, making certain the Uretheral Notch is on the bottom and the removal grips are on the sides.

Step 4 - Operate the vacuum pump by squeezing the handle or pressing the power button on the pump handle. This will remove air from the cylinder and also draw the penis into the cylinder. Allow the penis to be drawn through the opening in the SurErec ring and into the cylinder until the ring is positioned near the base of the penis.

Step 5 - Pump slowly for several seconds. Slow down or stop if you feel any discomfort. Pause to let the blood flow into your penis. Continue pumping until your penis becomes erect and lifts off the cylinder floor and is firm enough for intercourse.

Step 6 - Press the green vacuum release buton and pull the SurErec ring off the cylinder, so the ring remains positioned at the base of the penis. CAUTION: Do not leave the Tension Ring on longer than 30 minutes. Allow 60 minutes between uses.

Step 7 - Remove the SurErec Tension ring after sexual activity by pulling the Removal Grips outward, away from the penis. Hold the grips in this position until the penis loses some firmness. Then slowly pull the ring forward and off your penis. Additional lubricant may be needed to aid in removal.

Step 8 - Wash the SurErec ring with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly for storage until next use.

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