Osbon Erecaid vs Other Forms of ED Treatment

The Osbon Erecaid system can work to treat all forms of Erectile Dysfunction. No other form of ED Treatment compares to the high success rate, control, and low risk of side effects as vacuum therapy.

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How does Osbon Erecaid vacuum therapy stack up against other non-surgical ED treatment?

Erecaid Pump Injections Uretheral Suppositories Drug Treatments
Immediate Results Yes No No No
Patient Controlled Erections Yes No No No
Easy/Painless to Use Yes No No Yes
Low Risk of Side Effects Yes No No No
Expense One-time Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing

Erecaid provides the control, ease of use, low risk of side effects, and long-term costs savings over other forms of ED Treatment. It is also far less invasive on the body and is available for prescription for a number of health conditions. To date, over 1 million Erecaid devices have been sold worldwide.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable; and while medications can work for many men, for some it is not effective, results in side effects and offers no control over the physical effects. Medications for ED are also usually not prescribed for men taking drugs for hypertension, enlarged prostate or vascular conditions.

Success Rate of Osbon Devices

There are many origins for ED; here are the most common causes and the successs rates of Vacuum Therapy Treatment with devices like Osbon Erecaid:

Spinal Cord Injury - 92% Success Rate
Diabetes - 100% Success Rate
Other Causes of ED - 95% Success Rate

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Purchasing Osbon Erecaid

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Reimbursement for Osbon Erecaid

Osbon Erecaid is a Medicare-approved device for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Many private insurers will also cover the Erecaid device.

See our policy on Insurance and Medicare Coverage.

Insurance can be confusing - if you have questions, please contact us and we'll do what we can to assist you.

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