Fougera® Surgilube® - 2 Oz. Tube
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    Fougera® Surgilube® - 2 Oz. Tube

    $2.25 (1 ea.)
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    • Sterile and Water-Solouable
    • Non-Irritating Formula
    • Perfect for Catheters, Surgical or Gyneocological Use
    • 2 Oz. Tube

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    Product Info

    Instant sterile lubrication for insertion of catheters, surgical instruments, and gloves into the body.
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    1-20 $2.25
    21-40 $2.18
    41+ $2.11

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    I prefer this size and type-of-tube
    Yes Chicago
    I prefer this size, 2 oz., since I use so little each time, this size tube lasts a couple months, which is adequate. I greatly prefer the screw-on cap tube because the hole/nozzle is smaller than the flip-cap tube, and so I find I can get a more precision application of the lube. --Also, I found the plastic tube (2-oz. flip-top tube was a plastic tube, the 2-oz. screw-cap tube was a metal tube) didn't stay squeezed (it pops back). It seemed I was spending a lot of my time squeezing the air out of tube, before I would start to get the lube to come out. With the metal tube (which stays squeezed), I squeeze the tube a small amount and get lube coming out right away. But I realize that some people would prefer the flip-top cap tube because there's no separate cap to set down and possibly lose. Depends on your personality type, I guess. I'm a careful person, so setting down the separate cap is no problem for me, and the more-precise application of the lube is something which is important to me. And the product itself (the lube) is as good as any brand I've tried.
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