Nextra Health has been in business for 40 years. We have been partnering with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and commercial plans since 2005.

We understand the distinct differences between the MCO and commercial plans required to maintain a competitive advantage. That is why we designed our Business Services Division in 2010 with a goal to reduce time, contain costs and improve the member referral process.

Our entire organization is based on improving your member retention, improving patient outcomes, and increasing MCO efficiency.

We understand your pain points – that’s why we have developed our proprietary Central Ticketing System (Central).

Central is your complete customer service portal – providing coordination, ordering, and delivery of medical supplies along with outstanding 24/7 customer service.

With Central, you’ll receive:

  • On-demand tracking information
  • Easy to access and simple to use interface
  • Reduced errors, complaints, and costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Delighting our Clients. One Patient at a Time.

We offer exclusive, comprehensive, experienced, industry-leading, and cost-saving solutions – that meet the needs of MCOs and their members.

“The most comprehensive medical supply management program for MCO Medicaid Programs… and, there is no charge.”
– Statement from a leading MCO.

  • Exclusive

    The nation’s best supply program in the industry specifically designed to manage medical supplies for MCOs and members.

  • Comprehensive

    The MOST comprehensive turnkey solution to the industry’s biggest supply chain problem.

  • Experienced

    30+ years in the medical supply industry including 10+ years of partnering with MCO’s and commercial plans.

  • Industry-Leading

    Our proprietary technology and business services set us apart from any other company in the industry.

  • Cost Savings

    Managing your staff’s time and member’s supplies in minutes, not hours – all the while improving your bottom line.