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Who is Nextra Health?

Nextra Health is one of America’s leading providers of home medical supplies and personal care products. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, our growing company provides low prices, fast shipping with friendly and professional service for a wide variety of home care needs.

On this website, we have a variety of topics about home care as well as announcements for discounts, sales and innovative new products.

New Product Announcements

Our vendors and suppliers are always releasing new and innovative products. When we launch these products, we showcase them on the Nextra Health blog.

New Online Store Features

We take our customer feedback very seriously and we strive to maintain a top-notch online shopping experience. We are regularly rolling out new features and enhancements to make things faster, smarter, easier and more affordable for you. When we make a change we think you’ll like, you will find that information here first.

Tips and Information for Our Products

We want to make sure that you can make the most of your purchase with us. Often, we’ll post guides or instructions for using our products that can help make your life a little easier or extend the life of your purchase.

Sales and Promotions

While we reserve our monthly coupons for our newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe here and get an instant $5 off your next order), we will sometimes post with discount coupons for select products, good for a limited time.

Community News and Business Updates

We stay active in local and online communities that are important and relevant to our customers. Sometimes we’ll show our support by sharing the good news about what our friends are doing around the world.

Questions and Answers

Our Health Questions and Answers category is a place where our staff, customers and friends ask questions about a variety of healthcare topics. We encourage you to participate in this free resource.

Our staff, including two registered nurses, access the Q&A Forums every week to answer questions and interact with members. We encourage you to create an account and submit your own answers to participate by asking questions and providing answers about:

  • Men’s Issues (i.e. male impotence)
  • Women’s Issues (i.e. Beast cancer, masectomy)
  • Diet and Fitness (i.e. healthy eating, exercise)
  • Continence / Incontinence (i.e., bedwetting, incontinence care)
  • Ostomy and Ostomy Care (i.e., stoma care, supply recommendations)
  • Urology (i.e., catheterization, supply recommendations)
  • Home Care (Nursing, safety aids, etc.)
  • Other (Diabetes, CPAP / Apnea, living aids, safety, etc.)

Advice Disclaimer
Any advice provided on our website for home medical products or otherwise should never be a substitute for speaking with a qualified health physician who can properly diagnose and discuss your individual health issues. In some cases, questions about such matters may simply be responded with this: “Talk with your Doctor!”

Comments and Spam Disclaimer

To maintain the integrity of our website, we moderate all comments on a daily basis. At our discretion, we will edit, disapprove or delete any submitted content that we believe is spam, including automated comment submissions and self-promotional content. Links submitted in comments will be removed if we feel they are either to solicit products/services or boost search engine rankings for an external website. We also delete hate speech, profanity and comments intended only to provoke or insult our members.


Our members are important to us. Any information we may collect about you (including your e-mail address) will never be sold, traded, or given to a 3rd party. When placing a comment, only your name is published to the site; you may use an alias at your discretion if you prefer. Your e-mail address, while requested, is never displayed on the website.