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Osbon Personal Lubricant - 5 Oz. tube

    Osbon Personal Lubricant - 5 Oz. tube

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    • Nextra Health is a Timm Medical Authorized Distributor
    • Most Popular Choice for Vacuum Therapy
    • Creates a Vacuum Seal Against the Body
    • Aids with Loading / Remove Tension Rings
    • Water-Based Formula

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    Product Info

    Osbon Personal Lubricant plays an important part in the overall function of the Vacuum Therapy System. Proper application of our water-soluble lubricant to the head of the penis and to the open end of the cylinder helps create a strong vacuum seal against the body.

    The lubricant also helps to load and remove the tension rings. You should use only water-based Osbon Personal Lubricant.

    Other lubricants may damage the tension rings and other system parts, as well as void your warranty.

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