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Osbon Surerec EZ Tension Ring - Size 5

    Osbon Surerec EZ Tension Ring - Size 5

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    • Nextra Health is a Timm Medical Authorized Distributor
    • Best Selling Osbon Erecaid Tension Rings
    • Designed for the Erecaid Vacuum System
    • Perfect for Men who Find Regular Rings too Loose or Uncomfortable

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    Product Info

    Inner Diameter - (17mm) 0.667 in.

    The SurErec EZ tension rings by Osbon Timm Medical are uniquely designed to prevent the scrotal tissue from being pulled into a vacuum pump cylinder while providing a more comfortable fit, a more reliable wear and a high level of tension for long lasting performance.

    For men who may find standard tension rings too loose or uncomfortable, the SurErec tension ring is a sure alternative.

    Size: Size 5 (Inside measurement is .667 inches)

    Note: For hygienic reasons we cannot accept returns on this personal care item. Osbon Erecaid Instructions
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