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Foam Wheelchair Back and Seat Cushion Bundle

    Foam Wheelchair Back and Seat Cushion Bundle

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    The Foam Wheelchair Back and Seat Cushion Bundle from Drive Medical is ideal for anyone in need of both a seat cushion and a rear support cushion. This combination of cushions provides superior positioning, pressure reduction, and seating posture. The seat cushion is made of a highly resilient molded foam and has a washable stretch cover which helps prevent skin breakdown. The back cushion, with a lumbar curve for lower back support, is also made of a resilient foam that is attached to a durable Masonite board to prevent swaying in sling seat wheelchairs. This Wheelchair Cushion combo pack from Drive Medical is the perfect solution for pressure prevention and increased comfort. These cushions are designed to fit 18 wide wheelchairs.

    Features:Contains the following Drive Medical Products: Molded General Use 1 3/4 Wheelchair Seat Cushion (Model # 14887) and Extreme Comfort General Use Wheelchair Back Cushion with Lumbar Support (Model # 14889). Model 14887 - A unique construction of high resilient molded foam provides optimum stabilization, position, pressure reduction and seating posture. Model 14887 - Designed for clients who are at low risk for skin breakdown. Model 14887 - Stretch cover is removable, washable and flame retardant. Model 14887 - Stretch cover has a non-slip bottom for comfort and safety. Model 14889 - Improves seating posture while providing back support and comfort. Model 14889 - Durable Masonite board secured on back of foam core prevents hammocking in sling-back wheelchairs. Model 14889 - Conforms to provide support to the lumbar region. Model 14889 - Sealed liner protects foam core from moisture. Model 14889 - Has a non-slip vinyl back to prevent the cushion from sliding. Model 14889 - Has a non-slip vinyl back to prevent the cushion from sliding

    Sizing Specifications:14887 Dimensions: 16L x 18W x 1.75H; 14889 Dimensions: 17L x 18W

    Weight Capacity:250