Posture Curve Lumbar Cushion

Posture Curve Lumbar Cushion
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    • Code: BE101
    • Brand: Bodycare
    • Product Number(s): 101
    • HCPCS (?): E1399

    Posture Curve Lumbar Cushion brings comfort and support for the lower back in the home, office, and car.
    • Designed for regular bucket seats & most chairs
    • Detachable elastic strap with buckle to fasten to seat
    • Four belt loops allow cushion to be fastened vertically or horizontally

    Back is better with it
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Madison,WI
    Adjustable strap to fit any chair
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    Pain relief!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Minneapolis
    I have used this device for decades. It provides lumbar support for my painful spine. I carry it with me every where I go. It washes beautifully.
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    The best back cushion
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Palo Alto, CA
    I have multiple ones of these. I have 1 in my & husbands car, on computer & kitchen chair & and extra for when we travel. Can NOT!!! live without this. I take one everywhere. When the strap or cover wears out, you can just replace those vs getting a new one
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    Never felt better!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Fredericksburg, Texas
    Taking this product on flight to Europe.
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    excellent value
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Houston, texas
    gives equal lumbar as those products that cost a great deal more
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    Great product
    Verified Buyer
    Yes San Diego, CA
    TIP: I bought two cushions as free shipping over $50 order, would have been $22 shipping if I bought separately & had to pay shipping. Prompt delivery.
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    What a Godsend!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Wilmington, DE
    I have stenosis and arthritis in my back. Nothing has worked to help stave off the continuing pain. Then a friend accidentally left her pad here, and I tried it and was shocked & thrilled. So I ordered my own the next day.
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    Posture Curve Lumbar Cushion
    Yes Springfield, MO
    Best Low Back Pillow on the market, of it's size, IMO. It has a slightly thicker taper on the bottom (unlike many of its competition), which helps support the lowest part of the lumbar spine (L5-S1) better than the more sharply tapered ones. I recommend this pillow! I am a Physical Therapist and have had two of these for many years, one a soft foam, one more firm. I prefer the softer foam one, but both are good. Now I don't think they give a firmness choice, so I'm not sure if it's the softer one or the firm one they offer. I recommned this pillow to my patients. TB
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