FlexLite® Walking Hinged Knee Brace

FlexLite® Walking Hinged Knee Brace
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    • Code: FA37-108
    • Brand: F.L.A. Orthopedics
    • Product Number(s): 37-108
    • HCPCS (?): L1810

    Allows sufficient flexibility while protecting and stabilizing the knee from instability and hyperextension.
    • Medial and lateral composite hinges provide support and help prevent hyperextension
    • Extremely lightweight, breathable foam material
    • Great for geriatric patients, knee instability, and degenerative joint disease
    • For correct sizing, measure thigh 4 in. above center of kneecap; measure calf 4 in. below center of kneecap.
    • Color: Black or Beige

    Do not like this brace...the fit is uncomfortable
    Verified Buyer
    No Blue Grass, Iowa
    My physical therapist worked with me on adjusting the brace. We could not get the fit right, the hinges would not line up ton the sides of the knee properly. There was a gap on both sides. The hinges would not align to fit close to the knee. The support was not that great....
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