GelBand® Universal size Knee Strap

GelBand® Universal size Knee Strap
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    • Code: FA37-500UN
    • Brand: F.L.A. Orthopedics
    • Product Number(s): 37-500
    • HCPCS (?): A4465

    Provides support through non-restrictive compression to decrease stress on the knee.
    • Built-in viscoelastic Gel U-Point™ insert focuses compression and support where needed and helps improve patella alignment
    • Wear inferior or superior to support either the patellar tendon or quadriceps
    • Measure around center of kneecap
    • Universal size

    A simple concept that works
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    Yes Somewhere in Indiana
    The way it is made is very supportive to my knee. I only have to wear it for a short time to decrease and even stop my pain. The only downside I found was trying to wear it inside my pants leg verses wearing on the outside is the velcro closure needs to be rounded to avoid sticking into your leg.
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