Bardia® Insertion Tray (5cc)

Bardia® Insertion Tray (5cc)
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    • Code: BA802010
    • Brand: Bard
    • Product Number(s): 802010
    • HCPCS (?): A4310

    Bardia Foley Insertion Tray includes:
    • Three povidone iodine swabs
    • Pre-filled syringe & tray for 5cc foley catheter

    I've used for 7 yr.s, does its job.
    Yes Saint Louis, MO
    I've used an indwelling catheters for over 30 yrs.. In the beginning I tried buying all the supplies I needed for catheter changing separately and in bulk to save money. I did the math and looked at convenience, decided the 'kits' were best deal. This product hasn't disappointed me yet.
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